Born in November 2020 – a time when the world was in chaos faced with a pandemic that forced us to look inwards, Paired began its journey with the compassionate motive of helping our country.

Carefully curated and handcrafted to detail, Paired focuses on creating products that are cruelty-free, sustainable, and promote conscious fashion making sure each product is oh-so-comfortable!

In an effort to support the broader community and provide sustenance to extremely skilled local artisans, each pair is hand made by Sri Lankan artisans who have inherited and perfected their craft over many years and generations. Each pair of shoes is made lovingly by these artisans who are passionate about their craft. We are committed to keep our production local to ensure that labor conditions and quality standards are in line with our values and create a positive impact towards our community and country.

We aim to provide vegan footwear locally to the trend conscious at an affordable price, with a deep emphasis on aesthetics, functionality & excellence in quality. Our collection ranges from slides and flats to heels and wedges in multiple colours, patterns, and embellishments which come together to create fun and relatable fashion-forward styles with impeccable quality.

What distinctively sets us apart is how each pair speaks for itself and proves to be the aesthetically pleasing yet functional footwear that our fashion-forward customers are looking for!


it’s very, very hard to come by vegan shoes that are as eco-conscious as they are trendy.

Also a fact :

Paired is the ultimate footwear choice!